REGULAR RATES: Call for current specials!!!

HOURLY RATES   3 Hour minimum

6 Passenger Limousine:  $70 per hour

14 Passenger PartyBus: $100 per hour


Two runs of 1.5 hours. Downtime is free.

6 Passenger Limousine:  $350

14 Passenger PartyBus: $500 


AIRPORT  Jobs requiring a luggage trailer add $50.

Charges start and finish from Washington, MO..

CUSTOM RATES We offer custom rates for your special occasion needs by combining

multiple services at a discounted price. Call for a quote to fit your budget.

BILLING Starts and ends from the Washington Area.



Pickups Before 7am and after 9pm add $25 each

OVERTIME is billed in half hour increments for time beyond the contracted finish time. 

Wedding Getaway overtime starts from the contracted pickup time.


SPECIALS must be paid in full when booked.


NOTICE: If you are wondering about any limo service, be assured that BPL is DOT Approved # 1793907. We are fully insured. Our vehicles are fully inspected. Our drivers have current physicals and proper driver's licenses. Choose carefully. Safety begins here.

Covid-19 Guarantee. If your event is cancelled due to Covid-19, we will issue you a 100% Rescheduling Certificate, waiving the 1/3 non-refundable deposit. We request you not to reschedule on a Saturday if possible. 


  • Major holidays are billed at the regular rates.


  • We are not responsible for articles, lost, stolen, damaged or left behind.

  • We charge shipping and handling to mail lost items back.  

  • Alcohol is not allowed if anyone is under 21 years old.

  • An adult contact name and phone number will be required for jobs transporting minors.    

  • Customers cannot decorate the vehicle, the chauffeur will apply decorations. 

  • Passengers who ride in the front seat cannot under any circumstances consume alcohol.

  • The Missouri Division of Licqour Control allows alcohol only in the back of the vehicle.  

  • Smoking, Chew and Vapor ARE NOT PERMITTED.

  • The presence of drugs and weapons will cause immediate termination of service and a call to the Police.  

  •  We do not go to high risk areas. We won't expose you or us to crime.

  •  We don't do Pub crawls or Bachelor Parties. Too much hassle, messes and inebriation.


  • Personalized License Plate (some Jobs), Ice and Water on Limo and PartyBus jobs over $150.



  •  You are welcome to bring soda, adult beverages and snacks. 


  • PartyBus: 14 maximum. We provide 18" seating per passenger.           

  • Limousine: 4 adults, 6 teenagers, 8 kiddos.


  • Throwing up $250.

  • The person who made the reservation is financially responsible for the damages. 

  • We charge a cleanup fee of $25 if trash is not put in the trash cans.

  • Repair fees are billed at be $100 per hour plus materials.


  • Burger Park Limousine reserves the right to substitute other vehicles if the one reserved becomes unavailable due to conditions beyond our control. 

  • A substitute vehicle may not identical to the one reserved.



  • Upon receipt of the deposit or the client signature, the reservation becomes a binding contract.

  • A non-refundable 33% deposit is required upon booking. 

  • The balance is due the 7 days prior to the date of service.

  • Service booked less than 7 days will pay the entire amount due when the booking is placed.    

  • All specials and discounted services must be paid for in full at the time of booking. 

  • We accept cash, charge and debit cards.

  • Checks are accepted if more than 3 weeks prior to service.

  • The contracted time the customer books the vehicle is our obligation. We encourage the customer to book for the least amount of time to keep the bill lower.

  • We cannot guarantee overtime if we have another job scheduled.

  • Time used beyond the contracted time is deemed overtime. 

  • Overtime is billed in 30 minute increments.

  • The job ends when we arrive at the final dropoff. The customer is given 5 minutes to remove their belongings and clean up the vehicle (to avoid the $25 cleanup Fee).

  • The customer is obligated to pay overtime for delays caused by weather, traffic , passenger dalliance and other circumstances beyond our control.   

  • Overtime and damages must be paid on the date of service in cash or it will be charged to your Debit/Credit card .    

  • Credit Card info will be deleted upon completion of all monies due.



  • Gratuitys are pre collected, not pre paid.

  • We recommend 20%.

  • Gratuities are paid to the chauffeur, not the company.

  • This provides convenience for the customer and chauffeur.

  • This helps the customer know the industry standard.

  • This assures the driver that the customer has made a conditional commitment for a gratuity.      

  • If you feel the chauffeur did not do the job satisfactorily we will refund the gratuity upon review of the facts.  

  • If you feel your service was excellent, we encourage to give the chauffeur an extra amount.  



  • Refusal to pay for services rendered, overtime, cleanup or damages will result in legal action which will include collection agency fees, our actual charges and all legal fees.

  • We dislike putting this language in the contract but it is necessary because of the very few who try to weasel out of their responsibilities.



  • We are not responsible for delays caused by traffic conditions beyond the ordinary.   

  • Service cancelled beyond our control will be issued a future use coupon.  

  • Services cancelled for any reason 8 days or more prior to the service date will forfeit 1/3 of the total contracted amount.  

  • If a personalized plate was ordered a fee of $25 will be charged for cancelled services.

  • Cancellations for any reason 7 days or less prior to the service date will owe the full amount.   

  • ​Service will be terminated without refund if the Vehicle, Driver, Terms are abused or if laws are broken.   

  •  The decision to terminate is solely made by Burger Park Limousine    

  • The entire liability of Burger Park Limousine is limited to the fees charged for your service.