Pick your Hall. Now you have your Wedding Date secured.

Arrange your Transportation to insure your date is available.


We provide Complete Wedding Services including

Rehersal Night Dinner, Bachelorette Parties, Salon trips,

To the Wedding trips, Photo tours and safe Getaway trips.


Arrange all of your other Wedding Service Providers




Arrange your Transportation early to insure your date is available. There are never enough Limos and PartyBusses.


We want everyone to have a great time as you enter the  world of glamour, fancy travel and festive activities.


Provide us with a list of stops so we can plan your pickups and photo stops and get you to the Prom on time.


Collect the money early from everyone early to guarantee your vehicle.


Don't pay for someone else because they might back out.


Don't expect the Limo driver to allow drugs or alcohol.

Your service will be terminated and the Police will be called.








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